May 16, 2022
Story and Photograph by C. Richard Campbell
After about a two year interruption, the Youth Student Exchange program is again functioning. The Rotary Club of Simcoe has been sponsoring outgoing students such as Laci to study and live abroad and hosting incoming students since 1967.
Laci O'Reilly Forrest from Waterford, Ontario is flying to Italy in late August for 1 year of study and Italian living. Bellissimo!
She has some things she would like to accomplish during her stay such as learning Italian, accumulating Italian recipes and to travel. After two years of Covid19 lockdown, we are ready to join her.
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She commented that Italy was here preferred choice. Being able to study and live in your favourite country is dependent on there being available host families in that country.
When she returns, an application to University is anticipated for further study in Psychology or Biology.
At the conclusion of her presentation, there were plenty of suggestions offered by Rotarians on travelling and experiencing Italy.  
Ciao! Lacie.
Janis Demmans and Laci O'Reilly-Forrest

Simcoe Rotary Chair, New Generations and Vocational Service Committee Janis Demmans and Youth Exchange Student Laci O'Reilly-Forrest Heading For Italy