Rotary "Making a Difference" continues. Seen here, Rotarian Rick Honcharsky is passing a virtual $1,000 through the screen to Megan Allen. Megan is Chair of the Lynndale Heights Public School Parents' Council.
Megan acknowledges receipt of the actual funds used towards the purchase of furniture for the “Learning Commons Project” (see picture in Megan's background) in the school. The school board is converting libraries into learning centres. The room and a grant were provided. When Megan is not working at First Ontario Credit Union, she and other parents were busy raising $20,000 to buy the furniture. Institutional furniture, computer work stations and the like are not cheap. The school provided 10 laptop computers, the grant 10 laptops and Rotary funds are being used to acquire more. Within the school some students have laptops at home; others may never have seen one. It’s a great leveller. In the learning centre the internet is free to the students.

COVID presents unusual circumstances. But when things get back to normal the parent council hopes that they will be allowed to rent the space out (such as Saturday) to community groups or companies needing extra meeting space.