Post Script
Late breaking news - Alan Duthie candidate for (one of two spots) as Councillor, Norfolk County - Ward 5 has been elected. Congrats to Alan!
Original Story
Alan on the (right) and his Rotarian neighbour Dave Ferris (left) spoke to us today.
Alan is the General Manager of our local radio station 98.9 myFM, so he should have a good voice on council. Some of his other involvements are Past President of the Norfolk County Fair Board, Chamber of Commerce and one of "100 Men Give a Dam" - they meet and fund local beneficial projects.
During our question period, Alan observed that some council issues were approached haphazardly - without a real plan. Norfolk County is 25 minutes from the Hwy. 401 and 403 commercial arteries. This can put us at a disadvantage. However, tapping into proper long term infrastructure - both physical (water and sewage treatment capacity) and recreational ( new recreation centre, new arena, pickle ball courts) creates a premier place to live. New residents/homes causes growth, an increase in tax revenues and an avenue to address social problems as well.