Posted by C. Richard Campbell on Mar 07, 2018
Story by: Albin Jung, 2017-2018 Swiss Youth Exchange Student 
Graphics by C. Richard Campbell and Ottawa photograph sourced from the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit by C. Richard Campbell
Canada and Switzerland Flags

Hello my name is Albin Jung, I am 15 years old and I’m here in Simcoe, Ontario at an exchange year with Rotary. I am from Eschenbach LU in Switzerland and I live with my parents and my two brothers and two sisters on a diary farm. This summer I finished school and graduated, so I decided to make a exchange year in Canada before I start my apprenticeship as a construction machines mechanic next summer.

I arrived at the 26th of August in Toronto, after an eight hour flight. My first host family picked me up, now I live with my second family. School started one week later. I choose these classes Woodworking, Basketball, Music and Canadian History for the first semester and in the second semester Transportation Technology, English, Healthy Active Living Education and Principles of Mathematics. In Switzerland, the school is a lot different then here in Canada, the Swiss school days are longer and we have every day other classes.

In this District 7090, there are 19 inbound students from all over the world. We met the first time in a weekend camp in the US. Were we played games and had a lot of fun. With this group, we met again at the 2017 Rotary District Conference in Niagara on the Lake and the Buffalo winter weekend.

Now we are very good friends.

Here in Canada, I am in a Scout so we meet every Monday for a meeting. So, I could go to a winter camp out in tents by snow, that was a nice experiment. I am as well a member of Health Education and Advocacy Team (HEAT) that is a club from the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit where we every Thursday meet and discussed about smoking and other health subjects. With HEAT, I could go to Ottawa to the House of Commons to listen to a question period. And at the end, we meet Members of the Parliament.

Heat in Ottawa

Albin is the tall fellow wearing the baseball cap.

I really enjoy the stay here in Canada and looking forward to the next months.