Aloha  ʻO ... koʻu inoa  Our names are Andy and Jeff

Photography: David Ferris
Story: C. Richard Campbell
Changeover Meeting June 23, 2015, Port Dover Yacht Club

The Changeover Meeting

Normally, it doesn't take our News Department five months to publish a story. But this story got lost in the celebration of summer.
 ʻŌkole maluna! (bottoms up )
The Changeover is not a surgical procedure! It is a Rotary tradition marking the end of one Rotary year -- in this case 2014-2015 and the beginning of the new year 2015-2016. A new year and a new executive. The Hawaiian theme is optional. It is an opportunity to recognize Rotarians, other notable persons and well more importantly to party.
Thor Olsen
Past President Thor Olsen being presented with his ceremonial "hammer" by Past Past President Robert Stevenson,
no it's not a hammer, it is more likely a ceremonial gavel!
Yes!  We Like A Good Party. Just ask Wayne.
Yes We Like A Good Party
But it is not all fun and games. There is some serious stuff!
Gord watts Scholarship
Mike Cobb, Tristan Atkinson, 2015 Gord Watts Scholarship Winner, And about to be Past President Gerry Goddard (See how happy he is.)
Two ladies and Garry MacMillian
Two ladies and Secretary Garry MacMillian
Liana Thompson - Guest, Director Susan Crawford, Minerva Lopez - Exchange student
This Photograph Needs A Caption. Pick One.
A) Do you want me to cut your meat for you? Did you forget your dentures?
B) You remember what your mother told you, no dessert until you finish what is on you plate!
C) Grumpy, finish you meal and I will come back!
D) Create your own caption.