November 1, 2021
Story by: Tim FitzGerald
Nikki Campbell-Schram

"Art With Heart"  is a non profit with multiple locations.  Nikki is well known to Rotary - first as a recipients of a Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA); and subsequently as a founding
member of the Norfolk Rotoract Club.

The programmes:
After school art, birthday parties, preforming at local venues 25-30 kids at LFT - several murals across Norfolk.  Nikki, now well known to children who shout hellos when they see her at the grocery store and the like and also partner organizations in the community.
No one is left out - they find a way. Art is a form of self expression, they let students know there is no right or wrong in art - draw on all your representations (colour, creed, sextual orientation of families, …) - we have so much to learn and integrate - art is so many things – it  brings people together to create and grow.
Good job Nikki!