December 12, 2016
Story by Tim FitzGerald
Photograph by Tim FitzGerald
Jeanne Smituch and Wayne Brantchaud
Jeanne Smitiuch, Ontario Director of the Dollywood Foundation
Canada and Wayne Brantchaud, Brantford Sunrise Club Rotarian
Our speaker today was Jeanne Smitiuch, Ontario Director of the Dollywood Foundation Canada. Jeanne (Jan) enlightened us on their programme that delivers, free, one child's book directly to that child each month until age five years old. If a parent, relative or friend reads to the child, it has been shown that the child is better prepared and in advanced reading readiness than their peers. This is an effective tool to fight poverty. 
However, there is no means test to qualify! The Canadian cost is approximately $42 to deliver the books directly to each child. The child owns the books. Seen above with Jeanne, is Brantford Sunrise Club Rotarian, Wayne Brantchaud who reinforces that the Brantford School Board testing of children against an Early Development Index observed that children in geographic sectors where the Foundation's reading programme was more prevalent showed otherwise unexplained higher scores. Wayne says the observation is not statistically or scientifically proven - but a positive sign just the same.
Wayne has his own children enrolled. Of course Wayne could afford the costs himself - so he simply donates much more back to the Foundation.
For more information please contact Jeanne Smitiuch.
Cell 519-771-2543