Well known in the community OPP P/C Ed Sanchuk (left) - and no that's not a chin strap lol (just lettering from the projector);  along with Auxiliary Sergeant Brad Weirs told us what to avoid.
What to watch/listen for:
Did you start that conversation? No!
Did you ask for that service? No!
If you didn't, it may be a scam or a fraud. Don't volunteer your personal information: name, family or grandchildren. Keep your personal information private. If you answer the phone or record a message of your answering service "Hi! This is Joe or Julie" Now, I've got the first piece of info about you; and I'll call back as your friend. If I can find your Facebook page, I know parts of your life, family and grandchildren. I can geo-locate data from posted pictures, so I know where pictures of personal events/birthday parties occurred.
New to me! Don't sign the back of your credit card or simply write "see ID" (if the merchant asks - show them your ID). If you receive an unsolicited call "don't press 1" "for information"- you likely have just been tricked into authoring a purchase. Its different when you place the call to your car dealer  "for service press 2" - you placed the call - you are expecting a redirect.