June 20th, 2021
Story by: C. Richard Campbell
Photographs from the archives
On June 18th, 2021, Honorary Rotarian George Renshaw died at age 104. Before being designated an Honorary Rotarian in 2016, George was an Active member of the Club for some 62 years with the classification of Can Manufacturing.
In 1989 - 1990, he was the President of the Club and received the Paul Harris Fellow award in 1997.
Sixty-two years of community service is impressive by itself. But when you remember that this year The Rotary Club of Simcoe celebrated its 96th anniversary, one gets the idea of why his years of service and membership are just so remarkable.
When you join Rotary, chances are that you will forge friendships that can last for decades, and even after you leave the Rotary Club. George was a likable and knowledgeable man.
Our Rotary Club has a number of active sailors, golfers and curlers. A number are them are actually quite good at what they participate in.
This story has not been verified but George and a few of his fellow Rotarians were regular golfers and would have lunch together. The writer was told that more than one of the golfers would fill out their scorecards even before they began to play! When George entered the Delhi Nursing Home, a number of them would carpool to visit George after eating their lunches.  When Covid-19 stopped the group restaurant lunches, they began and still continue regular Rotary Zoom lunches. After these Zoom sessions, one of the group would e-mail George and his daughter would read it to him.
George had a life of longevity and an impressive record of Rotary service and membership.