Posted by C. Richard Campbell on Oct 26, 2017

Story by: C. Richard Campbell
Photograph: Tim FitzGerald

177th Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show October 3-9, 2017

George Araujo and David Ferris
George Araujo, General Manager/Treasurer, Norfolk Fair and Horse show and Past-President David Ferris

There is a lot happening in October right here in Simcoe and Norfolk County. There’s the Canadian Thanksgiving, the Norfolk Fair and Horse Show, the first frost, the turning on of central heating or alternate heating source, the harvesting of crops and of course Halloween.

George Araujo, General Manager/Treasurer of the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show looking somewhat refreshed after the conclusion of the 177th fair spoke to the club about the Simcoe and Norfolk County institution. This year the fair ran from October 3rd to 9th with the Young Canada Day opening up the fair. All the Norfolk schools closed so that the students can go to the fair. George emphasized that the fair attempts to educate the urban food consumers about rural agriculture providers. Over the years, the Norfolk County Agricultural Society which is primarily a volunteer organization has weathered the good times and lean financial periods. The buildings situated on the large fairgrounds are aging and need renovation and investment. Over $ 600,000 has been invested in such things as accessibility and washrooms upgrades.

Norfolk County Fairgrounds

It is a fair so expect midway rides, grandstand entertainment (from country singers to monster trucks), all kinds of exhibits and the animals. The General Manager commented that this year the fair had 15,000 entries, a $ 2.2 million budget and an (unofficial) attendance of 120,000.

Simcoe and Norfolk County are fortunate to have large multi-use fairgrounds centrally located with an experienced, community-minded Agricultural Society and management.