Sandra is a busy person. As a member of the Hammerhead's executive team, she helps the leadership get things done. Listening to Sandra, as parent of a 14 year old swimmer, with a new step daughter and to be working with the geriatric association takes discipline, perseverance, time management and character.
These are the very same qualities that are self-instilled in the swimmers. Its competitive swimming. Each child (and their coaches) target self improvement. The swim meets are progressively regional, provincial and national culminating in national swim meets - perhaps in the olympic  pool in Montreal.
How do the swimmers do it? Multiple weekly practices leave them too tired to get in trouble. Likewise homework is completed before swim practices. They are voracious at meals and will eat most anything. Swimming provides physical and mental fitness (whole body and mind exercise). The swimmers support each other and display a strong sense of community - participating in events and volunteering.
Registration fees only cover 80% of their costs else participation would become unaffordable. Chorine is not friendly too swim wear. Their elite swimmers are doing laps in the pool up to 14 times per week. Some starting at 7 AM and then again after school. At national levels swim wear "skin suits" can cost $400.
The Rotary Club of Simcoe is pleased to donate $1,000 to the Hammerheads and the development of these future community leaders.