Rotarian Rick Honcharsky, Debbie Morales and Raul Scorza
Rotarian Rick Honcharsky, Debbie Morales, Resource Development Coordinator and Raul Scorza, Community Outreach/Communications Coordinator of Horizons of Friendship, Cobourg, Ontario.
In 1972, Father Tim Coughan, David and Christine Stewart founded the Horizons of Friendship.
Last year, the Club donated money to the organization for The Newborn and Child Health project in Guatemala. The Club learned that a $ 1,000.00 donation becomes $ 4,000.00 when adding federal money.
One of the six areas of focus of Rotary international is:
Maternal & Child Health

Maternal & Child Health

 In Guatemala, The Newborn and Child Health project has reached 70,000 women and children with improved health services, training and life-saving equipment. If this is something you wish to contribute to, visit the website.