March 8, 2022
Story by C. Richard Campbell
On February 28th, 2022, Jean Hickman presented her classification talk to the Club. A classification talk introduces a new member to Club. It is an opportunity to tell the membership who you are, what you do and why you joined the Club. Jean's membership comes at a time when Rotary International is growing again to about 1.2 million. District 7090 of which Simcoe Rotary is a part of is among the fastest growing Districts.
The stereotypical Rotarian in North America is male, older, perhaps a golfer, a volunteer, community (both local  and worldwide) supporter and a successful professional or businessman. There is nothing even remotely stereotypical about Jean Hickman. As an example, she gets her kicks jumping out of airplanes and skydiving to earth.
The Simcoe resident, Jean Hickman is a retiree. She was the first female electrical operator at Ontario Hydro.


Jean is a pilot, a traveler, a runner, a mountain biker, motorcyclist, a skydiver, and a travel consultant. The writer admits that something may be missing. It might be that she is a zip-line enthusiast or a bungee jumper.
Jean Hickman's membership with her energetic lifestyle comes at a time of revitalization of Simcoe Rotary and Rotary International.
Our task at Simcoe Rotary is to ensure that Jean Hickman does not ever say "I'm bored". It may take all our active members to accomplish the task!