July 24, 2023
Story by Angelle van Kleef
Photography by Tim FitzGerald and Canva
Kim Huffman is newly elected as the chair of the Norfolk County Police Services Board and as such was invited to speak about her position.
The board consists of 5 members, Council Member Kim Huffman (chair), Council Member Linda Vandendriessche (vice-chair), Citizen Member Michael Cruse, Provincial Member George Santos, and Provincial Member Willy Vanheughten. A change is in progress to add one Citizen Member for a Provincial Member.
The Board meets every other month in the third week of the month, with the next meeting coming up in September. The meetings take place at the Council Chamber in Simcoe and can be streamed live.
The Board is currently working to replace the (OPP) Detachment Inspector. Also, they have a workshop coming up for the Budget Initiative.
Police Officers are more often connecting with the community through foot patrol and bike patrol.
The pedestrian crossing which is partially constructed at the Norfolk War Memorial in Simcoe on Norfolk Street North is being replaced. All four lanes will be available for traffic.
Other questions came up about Norfolk County Council.
There is no indication when Fiber Optic Cable will be available to all Norfolk County residents. The expected date of the end of 2023 is not likely to be met.
There are Fireworks at Norfolk County Hall!
Changes are in the making for the Fire Works Bylaw. During Long Weekends fireworks are allowed to be set off 2 days before, the day of, and 2 days after a holiday. These dates may change.
The Water Supply Issue is still at the forefront of the agenda for the Norfolk Council.