April 24th 2023
Story by:
Tim FitzGerald
Meet our new Rotarian Stephen, Salvation Army Pastor/Corps Officer serving both Simcoe and Dunnville https://www.salvationarmysimcoe.ca/index.html through their community church   https://www.salvationarmysimcoe.ca/whoweare.html  located at 184 Colborne St N, Simcoe.
The Rotary Club of Simcoe has long been a supporter of the Salvation Army - be it volunteering for the Christmas Kettle Drive, serving meals in their kitchen and other assistance.
Stephen grew up immersed in the Salvation Army Church in Toronto, completed his undergrad at U of T and worked out in the world. Upon understanding his true calling, Stephen first attended Seminary School, obtained his Masters in Divinity and served in Toronto.
Like its name, the church is an "army" located across 30 countries with HQ in London, UK - headed by a General (who is currently a Canadian). Stephen attended "officers" school in Winnipeg and was next "posted" (postings are usually 3 -7 years) to Brandon, MB and now with us in Simcoe.
These varied and similar communities have equipped Stephen with the knowledge and compassion necessary to assist here. By the numbers - since 2019, calls for services have increased three-fold in Simcoe and 30% in Dunnville areas.
We are lucky to have Stephen!