Rotary Curlers, January 14, 2019
There are three main sports that come to mind that our Rotarians are good, even very good at playing - Curling, Golf and Sailing. I was reminded that I couldn't add a fourth - visiting local craft breweries since it is yet to be considered a sport. On January 14, 2019, the Club met at the Simcoe Curling Club and upon adjournment some Rotarians retired to the locker rooms to change into their colorful costumes. Costumes is probably not a fitting word to describe what many were wearing. Apart from the color, you could hear the barking issuing of orders from the skip or vice-skip to team mates who are all very competitive and take the game very seriously. You might have noticed the weeks that have gone by between the event and the publishing of the story and the photographs. The delay was due in part to the heavy use of Photoshop to render the photographs. smiley This is the link to the full photo album(slideshow).