Norfolk General Hospital
Monday, March 14, 2016
Photograph: From Archives
Story: By C. Richard Campbell
The Rotary Club of Simcoe voted at its meeting on March 14, 2016 to donate $ 25,000 to the Norfolk General Hospital's “Building a Better Hospital” Campaign. Starting with 2016, the money will be given at the rate of $ 5,000 per year over the next five consecutive years.
The “Building a Better Hospital” Campaign is raising $13,000,000 for the renovation of Labour and Delivery, Same Day Surgery and developing the Minimally Invasive Operating Rooms.
The soon to be ninety-one year old Club has a long relationship with the 90 year old Hospital. Both are local institutions that place a high emphasis on Service.
It started around 1925 when the Club raised $ 6,000 in "a whirlwind campaign" from public subscriptions for the construction of the Sunroom addition to the newly-opened Norfolk General Hospital. "It was an auspicious beginning and it set a standard that only a determined and Rotary-inspired group of men could maintain." 
Many of our members are employees (both active and retired), hospital volunteers and served as board members. A number of our former members have been local Doctors. And some of us have been admitted as patients, well as expectant mothers anyway. Kicking and screaming from the delivery room.