May 8th 2023
Story by: Tim FitzGerald
Photography by: Dave Ferris
These two actors lol - well, actually President Gerry and Artistic Director of Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Derek Ritschel. Derek told us - One: How LFT persevered through the pandemic, in part, based upon continuing previous records of good governance qualifying for government grants and local benefactors saved the day. Two: How to stage its comeback post pandemic in 2022. Its all about "bums in the seats". Studies showed that live theatres who came back strong with a full slate of shows did well. So no redacted season last year and kicking off a full season below this year:
  • Come Down From Upriver - May 17th
  • On The Air - June 7th (World Premiere)
  • Bed And Breakfast - June 28th
  • Where Are You - Jul 19th
  • A Pack of Thieves - Aug 16th (World Premiere)
    World Premiere indicates just that - new Canadian works are part of the funding requirements to qualify for government grants. Playwrights Ephraim Ellis and Norm Foster have contributed such works this season. The actors, directors and staff love bringing their creative to Port Dover. 
    How can we help?
    • Buy a ticket ("bums in the seats" in theatre lingo)
    • Spread the word
    • Make a donation (also located in Port Colborne as well).