Posted by C. Richard Campbell on Sep 27, 2018

Fall is officially here.

If you belong to my generation, you will remember the Canadian musician Bryan Adams and his song – The Summer of ’69. It is a song of youth, playing in the band, love and drive-ins.
“Those were the best days of my life
Back in the summer of ‘69”
The summer of 2018 is no match for being young in 1969. By the way whatever happened to the Drive-Ins? This summer The Rotary Club of Simcoe had some fun, raised money, volunteered for community projects, and embarked upon a number of off-site meetings with outdoor dining and local craft beer.
Here are some of the highlights of the summer of ’18.

Tree PlantingJune 15th, 2015

Valleyridge Farms

2017-2018 Rotary International President Ian Riseley asked each club to plant a tree for every Rotary member. That would be about 1.2 million trees world-wide. Simcoe Rotary teamed up with ALUS (Alternative Land Use Services) and our own Rotarian Larry Kormos to plant over 100 trees.


RI Convention, Toronto, OnJune 23rd to 26th, 2018

Toronto, Ontario, Rotary International Convention

President-Elect Dave King attended the convention as the club’s official delegate. He was joined by about 4 other Rotarians. Each conveyed their experience with club.

President David King (2018-2019)

July 1st, 2018

This is the start of the Rotary New Year with a fresh executive with a new leader in President Dave King. Of the 9 Board members, six are new.


JLynnvalley Trail Plaqueuly 7th, 2018

Off-Site Meeting. Memorial Park, Rotary Bridge, Lynn Valley Trail
Rotarians such as the late Christopher Lee were instrumental in converting this abandoned railway right-of-way into a trail from Simcoe to Port Dover. Other Rotarians were generous contributors to the start-up funding and the “Club” adopted one of the railway bridges.


Friday the 13thJuly 13th, 2018

Port Dover, Friday The 13th, Lion’s Silver Lake Park, The Rotary Pancake Booth

Simcoe Rotary was there along with over 200,000 bikers and visitors.


Lynn River Music & Arts FestivalAugust 4 to 6, 2018

Civic Holiday Weekend Lynn River Arts and Music Festival

On Sunday, we were serving Rotary beer and all through the weekend staffing the Rotary Pancake Booth.


Donation to Simcoe Caring CupboardAugust 13, 2018

Rotary President Dave King presents a cheque to Deb Madill of the Simcoe Caring Cupboard for a food preparation table.


Day-of-ActionAugust 23rd, 2018

King’s Flower and Garden “Day of Action”

Simcoe, Delhi, Norfolk-Sunrise Rotary Clubs, the Norfolk Rotaract Club and volunteers assembled about 175 floral arrangements and delivered them to 12 Norfolk nursing and retirement homes.
Those with alternative skills refurbished the Fantasy Castle display from the Simcoe Panorama. District Governor Melissa Schrock attended. Approximately 70 participated in the Day of Action and it ended with dinner and fellowship.


Charlottevile Brewing CompanyAugust 30th, 2018

Off Site Meeting, Charlotteville Brewing Company (west of Walsh, Ontario)

This brand-new brewery built to resemble plank-clad barns produces ales because of the hard-natural water. The water should be pretty good situated next to the Carrollian forest. Apparently, lagers require a softer water. Didn’t know that. As well as brewing craft beer, they are also hop farmers.
“Being nestled in the Carolinian forest, we are surrounded by a lush, ecological habitat that is home to unique flora and fauna such as: the tulip tree, pawpaw, and the rare southern flying squirrel. This makes the local area very special and one that we feel needs to be respected, protected, and celebrated.” Quote from the website.
Melanie Doerksen who has a culinary background in Italian food is heavily involved in the brewing process and development of the Brewery. She and her husband have future plans to build an Italian style pizza oven and enlarged dining and entertaining space which should be well received. The food was a delight and many Rotarians and guests returned for seconds. This observer tasted two ales, one called Fancy Pants and the other 519 (local Bell Telephone area code). It is a toss-up which ale to favour. Needs much more investigation.


Volunteering at the Salvation Army LuncheonSeptember 13, 2018

Salvation Army Luncheon

A number of Rotarians assisted the Salvation army in serving lunch to those in need of help. They prepared, served and cleaned up. From the photographs, they appear to be enjoying themselves way too much. Before departing, President King presented a cheque for $ 1,400 to the local Salvation Army.