Posted by Timothy FitzGerald on Jun 27, 2019
The Rotary Club of Simcoe sponsored three young women to attend our Rotary District 7090 SLAPSHOT 2019 Programme.
 In the photo Jada Dawson, Laci O’Reilly-Forrest, and Karly Hoak are flanked by Bob Stephenson (New Generations) and club President – Dave King. This Rotary programme stands for Student Leadership Awards Programme (SLAPshot). Like the hockey puck it propels students forward quickly and enables them to believe in themselves.
The trio attended Ancaster last May with students from our Rotary District which also includes participants from our District's Western New York State Rotary Clubs. Of course, their expressions of their experiences were different. Howevr their communication of learning and confidence as to what leadership is was unified. The trio was split into separate cabins with twelve other students per cabin. Here are some of their blended reports and feelings.
Leadership – there are many types but core aspects are get along, have fun and make the world a better place. Be yourself, take risks and don’t worry – step out of your comfort zone and away from the pressures of judgement.
Skits, activities and experiencing leadership – such as getting all of your team downhill, through hoola hoops on wet grass (wearing inappropriate footware lol) in the Pacific Rim of Fire, in record time. Lessons learned – hold each other up – its difficult – but people are there to help you!
I feel privileged to have advance my leadership skills that will be used as co-president of the student’s council next year.
Counsellors are only there to watch you. Breakfast is served but from there on its your responsibility– last cabin to arrive does the clean up!
Annalise Carr was a guest speaker – awesome.
We tackled world problems of mental health, climate change and are taking back potential solutions to our schools.
Thank you Rotary Club of Simcoe for sponsoring us!