Posted by C. Richard Campbell on Mar 05, 2018
Travel Apparently Makes You Thirsty!
Photograph by: Tim FitzGerald
Story by: C. Richard Campbell
Travel can broaden your understanding of the world. Simcoe Rotarians do a lot of travelling, sometimes to exotic parts of the earth in their quests for enlightenment, recreation and cultural enrichment. smiley Now apparently our Tim FitzGerald has discovered that travel can result in a thirst. Tim send me this photograph that he had taken somewhere in a pub in British Columbia where he came to refresh himself during his travels.
Is there a correlation between travel and thirst? I don't know. A secondary avenue of investigation may be the following. Is there a correlation between travel, Rotarians and thirst? I am certainly happy to join the investigation!
Now the writer freely admits to visiting cultural establishments like the BC pub in a number of worldly locations. The quest for enlightenment and cultural enrichment demands perseverance, commitment and on occasion the visitation to a pub or two.