Posted by Timothy FitzGerald on Oct 29, 2018
Did you know that World Vision is the third largest charity in the world, following the United Nations and the Red Cross. They are organized in 115 countries. Lindsay Gladding (left in photo being thanked by Rotarian Rick Honcharsky) is a Director of World Vision, Canada. A contact through our club President, Dave King's daughter brought Lindsay to us today. 
Lindsay was on point but admitted some lingering lapses have spent 58 hours in the air last week touching down in disaster zones in Indonesia - earth quakes at 7.4 magnitude causing tsunamis and landslides from soil liquefaction- plus the jet lag home to Canada.
World Vision began in 1947 when a missionary abroad spoke to the head of an orphanage in Pakistan who had to turn away children due to lack of capacity/funding. On the spot he gave her $5 in local currency and promised and did raise funds and sent funds every month thereafter.
World Vision is focused on children's needs but their scope is coordinated through a global strategy. It may include rebuilding a school, it may include providing warmth and shelter. But needs are dynamic! One family may need a blanket, another may need food. Direct cash payments are used sometimes - so the family can buy what they "need". If cash is too risky, vouchers are used. If merchants try to rise prices, World Vision contracts with select merchants to keep fair prices. But most often the merchants business has been destroyed as well and they are also trying to rebuild their communities and charging fair prices.
Lindsay told us that World Vision assisted in 170 crises  this year. In 2017 86 cents on the dollar of funds raised was spent as direct aid. 
Thanks, Lindsay, for visiting us with your understanding and message.