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The Tumaini Children's Foundation

"Working to provide hope, care and love to orphaned and vulnerable children in Tanzania, East Africa."
A Canadian woman from Norfolk County in southern Ontario is having a big impact on the lives of children in Tanzania. The Rotary Club of Simcoe and Cherie Szucs have a lot in common. Rotarians believe as many others do that people should have nourishing food, potable water, shelter, clothing, medical treatment and education. Being one of the Tumaini Children's Foundation partners is therefore a very good fit for The Rotary Club of Simcoe.
Cherie Szucs
We also share with Mama Dee a soft spot for children. In the early thirties, the Club began its relationship of with the Ontario Society for Crippled Children (now known as Easter Seals).
So why does a woman with a big heart from the "Great White North" spend so much time thousands of kilometres from her home in Usa, Tanzania, East Africa. It isn't the frequent flyer miles!

What Mama Dee And the Tumaini Children's Foundation Do!

  • Provide a healthy, safe and love-filled home with good food, medical care and quality education to our family of 52 children ages 3 to 24.
  • Outreach with ongoing support to grandmothers needing assistance who struggle to care for their grandchildren
  • Support a local orphans group Mana OVC and adult AIDS group Langa ya Iruva with school fees, supplies, emergency food, medical care, and small business loans where viable.
  • Provide emergency care, transportation and food for desperate members of the community.
  • Work towards self-stainability with the development of small businesses and a future permanent property, home and our own school.
  • Work strictly as volunteers and proudly contribute 96 cents of every dollar that is received to the children's care. [Sourced from The Tumaini Children's Foundation literature.]

Tumaini means hope for...

Esther was born disfigured and when her mother's attempts to "cure" her with magic failed, she was abandoned to her grandparents who hid her away. The young girl was isolated from villagers who may have harmed her because of her differences.
Mary whose ARVS failed, causing her HIV to blow up into AIDS, taking her near death at age 14.
Siblings Deo, Anna, Gaspar, Athuman, Hamri, Laidi and Nazema who were orphaned after their mother (and sole supporter) was murdered in a domestic.
Sisters Martha and Anna whose mother was imprisoned for rolling over in bed and accidentally suffocating their infant sibling. [Sourced from The Tumaini Children's Foundation literature.]
Solar Panels

The Rotary Connection

Cherie Szucs, and the Tumaini Children's Foundation are situated "just down the road" from The Rotary Club of Simcoe. She became a volunteer with a Rotary fundraising project and was asked to speak to the club. The rest as they say is history.
In 2015, The Rotary Club of Simcoe initiated its Tumaini relationship with a $ 8,000 donation towards Solar power at its existing facility in Usa, Tanzania, East Africa. What is next is a brand new facility.

Proposed Expansion On New Site

A 5.52 acre (2.25 ha) site has been purchased for expansion to accommodate the children. It's a green field site needing servicing. Initial plans include the provision of electricity, fencing, a survey, a well, sewage management, solar power installation, etc.
  Tumaini Plan

Architectural Drawing


Mama Dee has a big family and with your help, it can get bigger!

Mama Dee and Family
If you would like to join Simcoe Rotary in helping Mama Dee and the Tumaini Children's Foundation by volunteering or donating your money, click this link to the website
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