Speaker Date Topic
In-House Committee Meetings Feb 25, 2019
Club, Community, International and New Genrations/Vocational Service
Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner Mar 02, 2019
Rotarians Dining At The Homes of Rotarians
Cancelled Because of Guess Who Dinner Mar 04, 2019
Kryistyn Richardson Mar 11, 2019
Long Point Basin Land Trust
Mary-Lin DeGuzman Annex Business Media Mar 18, 2019
The Cannabis Story
Mike Marini Mar 25, 2019
Port Dover Apothecary
94th Anniversary (Happy Birthday) Apr 09, 2019
Chartered April 9th, 2015
Meeting Canceled, Easter Monday Holiday Apr 22, 2019
Meeting Canceled, Victoria Day Holiday May 20, 2019